BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker leaves LIVE broadcast to be sick

The unfortunate incident happened at 5:20am on Decemeber 4 and is the first time someone has failed to finish a broadcast in 91 years.

During the report, Tomasz started stuttering before he said: “Mull of Kyntyre to Cape Wrath southerly or southerly four or five…excuse me…”

A colleague had to step in to fill the silence and said: “I do apologise.

“That was Tomasz Schafernaker, we’ll just complete the in-shore waters forecast.”

Tomasz Schafernaker struggled to make it through his BBC Radio 4 report [BBC]

Tomasz Schafernaker had to leave his BBC Radio 4 report to be sick [BBC]

Listeners became instantly concerned over the meteorologist and some commented that he sounded like he was about to burst into tears during the bulletin.

At the time, it was unknown what had happened to Tomasz and why he had to quickly leave the shipping forecast. 

One fan tweeted: “Hope Tomasz Schafernaker is OK after being unable to finish the shipping forecast on Radio 4 this morning. In tears by the sound of it.”

A second: “@Schafernaker how are you? Whar happened during the shipping forecast this morning? Really worried.”

A third: “Could you please advise if Tomas Scafernaker is okay@BBCRadio4.”

A fourth: “@MetMattTaylor Is Thomas S OK? He couldn’t finish the Shipping Forecast this morning. He just stopped, after faltering many times.”

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Listeners were left concerned for Tomasz Schafernaker and some thought he was crying during his BBC Radio 4 report [BBC]

A fifth: “Is Thomas ok? He valiantly struggled with the shipping forecast!”

While a sixth added: “@Schafernaker Try not puke up while u doing weather x”

Tomasz later took to Twitter to reassure fans that he was ok.

He put: “All good with me! thanks for the tweets!”

Tomasz Schafernaker took to Twitter to reassure BBC Radio 4 listeners that he was ok [BBC]

And added later on that he had “stepped away to be sick”.

However, some fans accused the 37-year-old of having a hangover as it was rumoured that there had been an office Christmas party the night before.

Tomasz Schafernaker’s failed to finish report on BBC Radio 4 for first time in 91 years [BBC]

But Tomasz’s agent denied this fact and told Daily Mail: “Tomasz was taken ill during an early morning shipping forecast following a long and demanding night shift on 4th December.

“Fortunately he handled the situation professionally and made a full recovery.”

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