Big Brother 2017: Rebecca Jane comes to blows with Joe Quaranta in explosive smoking area row forcing booming voice of Big Brother no choice but to step in once again

Joe Quaranta

Big Brother: Joe Quaranta had to be held back as he shouted at Rebecca Jane [Channel 5]

Rebecca – who entered the house with pal Kieran – made her feelings towards fellow Big Brother housemate Joe very clear as she told him she thought he was “nasty” after insulting her appearance. 

While Joe calmly stood by his opinion of Rebecca being “irritating”, he soon became irate after Rebecca asked how he would feel if somebody had said that about his daughter. 

Getting up to walk over to her, Joe raged: “Don’t bring my daughter into it, you silly f*****g idiot. Right? Don’t bring my daughter into it, you idiot. Appearance. Don’t bring my daughter into it, you silly f*****g cow.”

Still boiling, Rebecca retorted: “You don’t personally attack someone’s appearance, ever. I’m somebody’s daughter! I am somebody’s f*****g daughter!”

Rebecca Jane

Big Brother: Rebecca Jane asked Joe Quaranta how he would feel if it was his daughter [Channel 5]

Joe Quaranta

Big Brother: Joe Quaranta and Rebecca Jane came to blows when the argument got ‘personal’ [Channel 5]

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Kieran then shocked Rebecca as he walked away telling her she “deserved” to be shouted at for bringing family into the argument. 

His remark caused the 32 year old to then turn on her best friend and scream in his face repeatedly asking “you f*****g what?”

For the second time in a matter of days, Big Brother was forced to get involved asking a housemate to escort Rebecca to the bathroom while Kieran was ordered to the bedroom.

Later, the Blonde beauty made her way to the Diary Room to vent about Kieran and how she felt he should have stood by her and not against her.

Big Brother

Big Brother: Things got even more awkward as Rebecca Jane and Kieran Lee then argued [Channel 5]

The businesswoman told camera: “I came in here with him, I’ve got so much loyalty to him. I would never let anyone speak to him like that. I want him gone (Joe) and I want to speak to Kieran.”

The famous voice then invited Kieran into the room and the pair hugged as they admitted “things shouldn’t have got personal”. 

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