Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sixth confirmed housemate will be 'callous and cutting' in shocking new clip

Over the past few weeks, the show’s official Twitter page has been sharing short clips of stars whose identities have been kept hidden and their voices either changed or muffled.

The latest clip shows a man speaking about what he’s going to do in the house.

And by the sounds of it, making friends won’t be his priority.

“I’m going to be callous and cutting,” the deep voice says as his silhouette is shown.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 sixth housemate revealed: The unidentified star will enter the house on January 3 when the new series begins [Channel 5/Twitter]

Revealing what he’s going to miss during his time in the CBB house, which is based in Borehamwood, the unidentified star adds: “One of the things I’ll miss is listening to Eminem.

“I was just listening to him on the way up here. I love Eminem. 

“His early stuff is fantastic.”

While the star was meant to be unidentifiable, fans were quick to work out who the star was.

“@bbuk the beast from The Chase?,” wrote one.


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 sixth housemate revealed: The new housemate isn’t interested in making any friends [Channel 5/Twitter]

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 sixth housemate revealed: Fans began to speculate who the new housemate could be [Channel 5/Twitter]

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Celebrity Big Brother 2017 sixth housemate revealed: The star also explained that he will miss listening to Eminem when he enters the house [Channel 5/Twitter]

“@bbuk looks and sounds like The Chase’ Mark Labbett!,” a third added on the social media site.

Insisting that The Beast would be taking a break from quiz shows to take part in the Channel 5 reality TV show, one Twitter user tweeted: “@bbuk Marc from the Chase! I’d know that silhouette anywhere He’ll eat them alive.”

“@bbuk Mark from The Chase,” declared another.

“Omfg that’s the man off The Chase,” came the response from an excited viewer.

Ahead of the new series, a range of names have been linked to the All Stars Vs New Stars version.

Most recently, James Jordan and Nicola McLean are rumoured to be re-entering the house as part of the All Stars team.

It has also been claimed that Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark may also return.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 sixth housemate revealed: Many fans believe the mystery housemate is The Chase star Mark Labbett [ITV]

However, he won’t be in there for long because according to reports, he will only be in there for a task.

“Producers are planning a brilliant task that will involve Rylan moving back into the house,” a source told the Daily Star.

And it appears sparks could fly if two certain All Star housemates are in there.

“Rylan did not get on well with Heidi and Spencer and there are scores to be settled,” the insider added.

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