Celebrity Big Brother's pop art inspired Diary Room leaves viewers 'tripping': 'It stresses me out!'

For the current series, the hit Channel 5 show has decided to go for an Andy Warhol pop art theme with a multicoloured eye and cartoon style throughout the house.

More than 150 cans of paint were used to decorate the building ahead of the show’s launch which happened on Tuesday. 

While the majority of show watchers have praised the house for its “amazing” decorations, some fans have been left “stressed” out and “confused” over the Diary Room. 

The area has been painted so it looks like a 3D painted cartoon when it appears to be just a flat wall behind the celebrities. 

Celebrity Big Brother: The Diary Room is pop art inspired with a 3D cartoon as the background [Channel 5]

Celebrity Big Brother: Viewers have been left confused over the 3D looking cartoon Diary Room [Channel 5]

However, the “clever” trick has left show watchers confused and even “tripping”.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts.

One person said: “Diary Room is confusing me. Is it green screen? A 3D paint with just chair there? #CBB.” 

A second commented: “I can’t cope with the Diary Room, it spins me out like this #CBB.” 

Another user said: “Not feeling the new pop art #CBB it stresses me out every time they go in the Diary Room.”

“Is the Diary Room like a green screen I’M SO CONFUSED #CBB,” a fourth person asked. 

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Celebrity Big Brother: The living area is full of cartoons and multicoloured items [Channel 5]

A fifth account commented: “The new Diary Room is messing with my head  #CBB.” 

While a sixth asked: “The Diary Room this year got me trippin’. Like that’s just a flat wall behind the chair right? #CBB.” 

Another added: “Does the Diary Room confuse anyone like me….like I don’t even know the chair they’re sitting on is real or not!? #CBBUK #CBB2017 #CBB.” 

“Omg the Diary Room confuses my brain #CBB,” an eighth joked. 

Celebrity Big Brother: The bathroom has the infamous pop art neon rubber ducks throughout it [Channel 5]

But some viewers were quick to defend the “confusing room” and commented that they loved the idea. 

One person said: “I still can’t get over how cool looking that Diary Room is.. I want one of them chairs #CBB.”

A second added: “That Diary Room is actually incredible. Think it may be the best one ever! #CBB @BBUK.”

Celebrity Big Brother: The outdoor area is a mixture of neon lights, cartoons, grafitti and bold colours [Channel 5]

“Still cannot figure out how that Diary Room is designed. Need to see another angle. Very very clever. #CBB #CBBUK,” a third user noted. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5. 

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