EastEnders: Mick Carter and Vincent Hubbard’s bulges sends Twitter into meltdown: ‘I don’t know where to look’

The two soap hunks put on a dazzling display in Thursday night’s episode, but it wasn’t the hard-hitting drama that got tongues wagging.

Instead, fans were far more interested in actor’s Danny Dyer and Richard Blackwood’s impressive bulges.

The episode saw their characters Mick Carter and Vincent Hubbard donning sportswear as they attempted to get fitter as part of a New Year’s resolution.

As Mick worked a pair of tight tracksuit bottoms, Vincent squeezed his figure into a skin-tight lycra number.

EastEnders: Viewers were very distracted by Mick and Vincent’s bulges [BBC]

Meeting each other in the park, Vincent brought attention to Mick’s nether-region quipping: “Looking a bit tight there bro!”

Hitting back, Mick replied: “I’m not being funny, but they’re beyond budgie smugglers!”

With the testosterone flowing, the two then got competitive as they squared up for a race.

Watching the scenes, EastEnders fans got under the collar as they rushed to Twitter to comment on Mick and Vincent’s bulges.

EastEnders: Mick Carter points out Vincent Hubbard’s impressive package [BBC]

And they were NOT shy in making use of the aubergine emoji!

“Vincent’s bulge in Eastenders!! Not leaving much to the imagination with that outline! @bbceastenders #EastEnders,” commented one excited viewer.

While another said: “Omg that was battle of the bulge…I didn’t know where to look #EastEnders #MickVsVincent.”

A third gushed: “I’m in Eastend heaven with two sorts. Mick and Vincent. Please let them be gym buddies so I can see both of their packages #EastEnders.”

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EastEnders: Vincent Hubbard draws attention to his package [BBC]

A fourth person commented: “All I’m getting from these scenes with Mick and Vincent is an emphasis on their bulges #EastEnders subtle editing there guys.”

One cheeky fan said: “#EastEnders my word Vincent. You could have someone’s eye out with that.”

With another adding: “Could happily watch Vincent and Mick stretching in those outfits all day #EastEnders.”

This isn’t the only time Mick Carter has whipped fans into a frenzy with his eye-catching bulge.

EastEnders: Vincent Hubbard tells Mick Carter that his outfit is too tight [BBC]

Just a few weeks ago he raised eyebrows after trying on his outfit for the Christmas play.

As Linda and Sharon spoke in the kitchen, Mick was heard saying to his wife Linda: “I think these are a little bit tight don’t you?” before appearing in a pair of fitted jeans. 

Mick was left a little red-faced as he didn’t realise Sharon was also in the room.

Phil Mitchell’s wife pulled a face as she quipped: “So the rumours are true!”

EastEnders: Mick Carter has previously showed off his ‘bulge’ [BBC]

Looking very impressed, Sharon was told off by Linda who warned her against looking at her man.

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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