EastEnders: Nick Cotton set to make drastic soap return in Emmerdale?

However, actor John Altman has revealed that he wants to bring his character back from the dead to make an appearance in Emmerdale.

Keen for viewers to see a different side to him, the star explained that he wants Nick to be nice if he ever became a resident in the Leeds based village.

“I always thought it would be great to see Nick go up to Emmerdale or something under a different name but he is actually the same character,” he told The Sun.

“He’d be being nice and all the viewers would be going mad because they know he’s evil.”

EastEnders’ Nasty Nick Cotton returning to soap? Nick Cotton caused mayhem during his time on the Square [BBC]

In true soap fashion, John even hinted that Nick may not dead after all.

Despite viewers seeing the moment when Dot Branning refused to help her son when he had a bad reaction to drugs, John teased that fans of the BBC soap may have missed something.

“I don’t think we could do it now because he’s dead. But is he dead?,” he said. 

“We never saw the body being carried out of the house.

“There’s something called suspended animation maybe that happened to Nick?”

But John isn’t the only actor who raised questions about the ‘demise’ of his character.

EastEnders’ Nasty Nick Cotton returning to soap? john Altman revealed that he would like Nick to go to the Leeds based village [ITV]

EastEnders’ Nasty Nick Cotton returning to soap? Dot Branning’s son made a lot of enemies during his time in Walford [BBC]

EastEnders’ Nasty Nick Cotton returning to soap? Would Nick help the Bartons on the farm? [ITV]

Ricky Norwood, who played the role of Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb recently hinted that the much loved character could still be alive and well despite viewers being lead to believe that he died as a result of mistaken identity when he was locked in the boot of a car that was then crushed.

Pointing out that viewers never saw Fatboy’s body, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant told the Express Online: “I got told that he died in the boot – but I wasn’t physically in the boot. 

“I didn’t ever shoot any scenes in the boot, it was all the stunt team. I mean there’s always a possibility.

“The fans tell me that there’s a possibility!”

Ricky Norwood has teased that Fatboy could return to EastEnders [BBC]

Joking that fans have pointed out the various moments where Fatboy could have returned, the actor said: “Do you know how many plot twists there’ve been in nearly every storyline that has happened since I have left that people are like ‘yes, you’re coming back!’?”

EastEnders returns on BBC One at 7pm.

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