Emmerdale actor James Hooton’s car stolen during daughter's Christmas carol concert

James Hooton had a tough Christmas[Wenn ]

But this time it’s the soap star himself who has had a dramatic festive period. 

The actor was left horrified when he realised his car was reportedly stolen, just before Christmas.

His Mercedes was taken from his Leeds home, while he was attending his daughter’s carol concert.

Jeff Hordley’s co-star enlisted the help of Facebook fans to help track down the thief.

Emmerdale’s James Hooton discussed the theft online [ITV]

He wrote: “Car stolen! Mercedes Benz E63. Black with black wheels, stolen from Yeadon tonight between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

“Went to my daughter’s Christmas carol concert and came home to find it gone!”

“Worst thing is it was due to go back tomorrow morning so I spent a day valeting and cleaning it to within an inch of its life! BUMP!

“It’s only a piece of metal at the end of the day. 

James Hooton revealed the news on Facebook [Wenn]

“Glad we weren’t in when they came round.”

Fans rushed to support Sam, who has been on screens for an incredible 21 years.

One wrote: “Hope you get it back, looking good young man. Happy New Year to you and family.”

“Yes hope you get it back ok. And a happy new year to you all,” another commented.

James Hooton revealed the family weren’t in the house when the theft occurred [Wenn]

A Facebook user said: “Hope they find these horrid people. Have a happier new year! Xx.”

While a fourth added: “Horrible people around.”

The Sun state the West Yorkshire Police are investigating the crime.

James recently made headlines after he welcomed his second child, with fiancée Nancy Lucas.

James Hooton and Nancy Lucas welcomed their second child earlier this year[Wenn ]

However, speaking to OK! Magazine the lovebirds, who were already parents to Lily, revealed the birth wasn’t quite as smooth as they had expected.

In fact, they thought little Ava-Rose wouldn’t arrive for a few days, but Nancy started having contractions just hours later.

She explained: “I didn’t want to contact James for a while because I knew he was on set and I didn’t want to disturb a scene!”

When the pair eventually got to the hospital on their due date, her blood pressure dropped.

James explained: “They ended up putting her on a drip to regulate it. 

“It was like a before and after – from a The Exorcist to a serene princess! 

“I think there were a few swear words involved, too!”

The mum of 2 added: “She was born after only 3 pushes! 

James Hooton spoke out about his daughter’s tough birth[Getty]

“It only took 10 minutes of pushing and my waters didn’t even break until 10 or 11pm. 

“It was all rather quick. I actually probably could have pushed her out a bit quicker so she arrived on her due date.”

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