Emmerdale: Samantha Giles teases BIG Emma Barton twist as she hints the village villain will get her comeuppance amid Gabby Thomas return

Emmerdale: Samantha Giles has teased Emma Barton will "get her comeuppance"

Emmerdale: Samantha Giles has teased Emma Barton will “get her comeuppance” [ITV]

This week on the ITV soap will see the village villain face her past as her secrets catch up to her.

Emma Barton, played by Gillian Kearney, has been hiding the fact that she killed husband James from her fellow Emmerdale characters.

But now, speaking on Lorraine, actress Samantha Giles has teased the character will get what’s coming to her.

The star plays Bernice Blackstock on the soap, who’s preparing to welcome back Gabby Thomas to the village following her spell abroad.

Emmerdale: What will Emma Barton do next and is Gabby Thomas in danger?

Emmerdale: The character is set to face her past after covering up the fact she murdered husband James [ITV]

Lorraine: Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, Samantha revealed she met her husband by casting a 'love spell'

Emmerdale: Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, Samantha teased some big storylines coming up [ITV]

Gabby’s return could mean trouble for Emma, as the teenager sets out to get revenge on Emma for manipulating her little brother Arthur.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly about Gabby’s return, Samantha said: “She’s back tonight, it’s the start of a lot of storylines coming off of here some quite big storylines we’ve got lined up for Autumn.”

She continued: “She’s starting the ball rolling. Obviously coming back and find out what’s been going on with Arthur and the memory card and Emma and everything.”

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Samantha was, of course, referring to Arthur finding footage of Emma confessing to James’ murder to Ashley, who has since passed away.

Emmerdale: Gabby Thomas decides to prank Emma Barton using a walkie talkie

Emmerdale: Gabby Thomas is back – will she expose Emma’s secret? [ITV]

Discussing whether Emma will get what’s coming to her, Samantha hinted everything could be set to crumble for the character.

She revealed: “I think she should get her comeuppance and I think characters like that do eventually.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Samantha – who is currently married to Sean Pritchard – opened up about her life as a witch.

Samantha revealed she practised Wicca – a religion based on ancient witchcraft traditions – to get her man, saying: “I cast a love spell before I met Sean to meet the right person – it’s not as bonkers as it sounds.

Lorraine: Samantha Giles as opened up about her life as a witch

Lorraine: Samantha also opened up about her life as a witch [ITV]

“Lots of people are into manifesting. A lot of people have read The Secret, it’s ritualising it and using all kinds of things.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm on ITV.

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