Ex-England and Tottenham Hotspur's footballer Ian Walker's daughter reveals depression and anxiety battle in a bid to raise awareness: 'I would give it all away to have my dad home'

Ian Walker was the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper [Getty]

Sophie Walker, 18, is hoping to use her own life experiences in order to raise further awareness of mental health issues in schools across the country.

The beautiful blonde revealed having a parent in the spotlight resulted in isolation – and later left her being diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, the Surrey Mirror reported.

“Everyone at my school would always say how jealous they were about my ‘great life’ and assumed that having a famous parent and a lot of money was a brilliant life,” she confessed. “I won’t lie, I was very lucky to have lived in the houses, been on the holidays, and had the toys etc.

Sophie Walker has spoken out about her battle [Thesophiewalker/Instagram]

“However, when I was little I would cry and pray to God that I would give it all away to have my dad home and have a normal family.

“It is hard to explain without sounding ungrateful, but I missed him every day.”

The problems began for the young teen when she was just a girl.

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Sophie Walker wants to help others [Thesophiewalker/Instagram]

“When I was little I was always a daddy’s girl, everyone says how similar we are in personalities, and I think you always idolise the parent you don’t get to know,” she added.

Sophie’s parents sadly split as she grew up – with the teenager claimed she saw first-hand her “dad’s depression” during their “turbulent marriage”.

“I remember he would come round to see me and it would be awkward because I didn’t know this man; I couldn’t even tell people my own dad’s favourite colour or his favourite food,” she said.

Sophie Walker is the daughter of the former England ace [Thesophiewalker/Instagram]

“I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and minor depression due to bullying,” she added. “Due to it, I have spent a lot of the last two years being very lonely and feeling very different.

“I have seen the lowest form of myself and recognised the darkest parts too; it is very tiring when it is a battle just to exist every day. There were times when I would cry because I was still alive in the morning – it is very difficult to be alone and not be able to understand what is going on in your own mind.”

If you have been affected by this story, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit www.samaritans.org.

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