Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan returns to breakfast show just 16 hours after operation leaving Susanna Reid queasy

Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan revealed he had surgery 16 hours before coming back to work [ITV]

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan opened the show with a massive shock for Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins as he revealed that he had been in hospital just 16 hours previous undergoing a surgical procedure. 

The 52 year old told his surprised co-hosts that he’d gone for a procedure under local anaesthetic after yesterday’s show on his neck. 

He explained: “I had a very unpleasant little lump removed surgically from the nape of my neck. Here I am literally 16 hours later, back at my work station.

“It was one of those lumps you get – my kids started calling me Quasidmodo on the beach. I was like ‘I better get rid of it’.”

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan reassured Susanna Reid that his lump was all fine [ITV]

Charlotte Hawkins

Good Morning Britain: Charlotte Hawkins tried to hush Piers Morgan as he gave details about his operation over breakfast [ITV]

When questioned by Susanna on “little lumps turning potentially nasty”, Piers reassured her and the viewers that it was “totally fine”.

Piers then admitted that the most painful part of the procedure wasn’t actually anything medical – although viewers were left feeling queasy at the details. 

The father-of-four continued: “He cut this big thing and went in and started gauging. So my ribs were hurting because they’re still recovering and that in gauge mode.

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“And one of the nurses chose that moment to tell me that her favourite big of this programme – the one she really, really looks forward to – is Richard Arnold.”

Richard Arnold

Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan’s nurse revealed Richard Arnold was her favourite [ITV]

Earlier this month, Piers returned to the breakfast show after news broke that he’d fractured three ribs after a fall

Days before he took up residence on the Waterloo sofa once more, the star had confirmed he would be “manning up” and returning to the programme despite his injuries. 

Writing to his 6 million viewers on Twitter, her said: “UPDATE: I return to @GMB on Monday, with @susannareid100 & 3 broken ribs. I’m manning up.”

Meanwhile, at the time of his ribs announcement, fans were left divided about how they felt about his fall.

Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan explained how he had a lump removed just yesterday [ITV]

Some mocked his injury, with one person saying: “Finally some good news.”

But others were a bit more compassionate for the star, with one fan writing: “Get well and hope your back on Good Morning Britain next week.”

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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