Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid runs away from huge tarantula as Piers Morgan threatens to free furry friend

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid refused to get close with the spider [ITV]

On Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid became distracted by something going on over by the sofas as Piers Morgan discussed their recent National Reality TV Award win.

Ordering the camera over to the side, Susanna said: “Can I just bring you over here? It’s a good job you’re nowhere near this. If you’re terrified of spiders – and I’m not that keen on them – can you see this?”

Looking apprehensive, she continued: “It’s only a blinking tarantula! In the studio.”

And the breakfast beauty was left horrified as Piers came bounding over asking if he could “get in there” – and then quickly ran away as the broadcaster slid the lid of the box open. 

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid ran from the table as Piers Morgan went over to the spider [ITV]

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan crashed into Richard Arnold’s shot [ITV]

Running back to the news desk, Susanna exclaimed: “No, no, no, oh my goodness. You’re not allowed to! You’re not allowed to. Please close that box up.”

Showbiz presenter Richard Arnold came to the rescue as he as closed the box harbouring the massive spider, much to the relief of all involved. 

He said, to camera: “Anyway, today we’re on a mission to help the nation conquer its arachnophobia. Two celebrities…get out of my shot!”

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Piers hijacked Richard’s link as he added “Anyway, a load of creepy crawlies and we’re going to have fun with them.” 

Good Morning Britain

Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid ran from the table as Piers Morgan went over to the spider [ITV]

Viewers on social media were immediately stunned by the events – and were quick to sympathise with Susanna.

Posting a load of spider emojis, one fan declared: “I am so glad I’m not at work today @GMB @susannareid100 @piersmorgan.”

While another tweet read: “Do not let @piersmorgan @GMB get that [spider] out that box!! If it escapes I resign!! End of!!”

However, some users couldn’t understand the fuss with somebody posting: “@GMB why you all scared of the spider? My partner’s 9yr old daughter holds my pet Chilean rose tarantula. Not scared at all.”


Good Morning Britain: The furry tarantula made a guest appearance on the show [ITV]

Former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan and singer Gemma Magnússon later appeared on the show to face off against the spider while Susanna stayed at the desk, insisting she was “scared of what Piers might think is funny”.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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