Holly Willoughby makes surprising knickers confession during Martin Lewis' money saving This Morning segment

The host – alongside Phillip Schofield – was discussing with money expert Martin Lewis whether or not you could take back such goods had you already tried them on when she made the hilarious comment.

Martin questioned whether or not you could return them.

Responding, Holly said: “You can’t return underwear.

“It might have broken when you put them on!”

Phillip Schofield asked Holly Willoughby ‘how rough’ she was putting on her underwear [ITV ]

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby was talking about returning knickers [ITV ]

At that, Phil and Holly both looked at her with a look of surprise, and the crew began to laugh.

She carried on, adding: “It’s your fault!”

Smirking, Phillip responded: “How roughly do you put your knickers on?!”

She went: “You never know! You never know!”

Martin Lewis was talking about consumer rights on This Morning [ITV ]

Martin interjected to say: “Shave your legs first!”

It is the second time in recent weeks that Holly and Phil have been left creasing up on This Morning after a particularly funny story.

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Phil was recalling the story during a segment focusing on the best deals for Black Friday, the presenter told viewers that he purchased some stones with the names of his family on each one.

Having forgotten about the gift, Phil said that he was given a hasty reminder when the gift arrived.

Holly Willoughby looked a little embarrassed as she discussed the issue [ITV ]

While his wife Steph admired the stones, she asked her husband what the date on the last stone signified after she ruled out it being an important anniversary or birthday date.

And that’s when he realised that it was the date that he bought the stones.

He said: “I buy all sorts of stuff If I’m shopping online at midnight.My greatest surprise for my wife was a set of engraved stones, which I didn’t even realise I had bought until they arrived weeks later.

“I bought all of our names on stones and one of them – the fifth one – had a date on it and Steph said: ‘What does the date represent? I don’t recognise the date as any of our anniversaries or anything’.

This Morning: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are well known for making each other laugh live on air [ITV]

“But no, that was the date I bought them!”

Sitting next to Phil, Holly couldn’t stop laughing at her co-host’s mistake.

This Morning airs on ITV, weekdays at 10.30am.


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