EXCLUSIVE: Human Barbie Pixee Fox has SIX ribs removed to look like ‘fairytale creature’

Pixee Fox has lost an incredible SIX ribs for her tiny waist [Instagram]

And since then, the Swedish- born star has undergone an extreme transformation in order to look like a “magical creature” – including having SIX ribs removed. 

Dubbed the ‘Human Barbie’, the blonde bombshell currently sports a 16 inch waist and has no plans to stop going under the knife. 

“I am a free soul and free spirit,” the model exclusively told OK! Online. 

“I live my own dream in my own fantasy fairytale, and right now I am beginning the biggest adventure of all.

Pixee Fox has been dubbed the ‘Human Barbie’ [Instagram]

Pixee Fox has even had her eye colour changed  [Pixee Fox]

“My fascination with plastic surgery and other kinds of body modification is the creation of what we individually see as beauty, the creation of a new thinking and the creation of hope for those who want change.

“Plastic surgery is a hobby I have turned into my life and work and career. I always wanted to look like a fairy because that is how I feel inside, like a magical creature in a magical world.

“To shape my body, career and life to my own creation and inspiration is what makes me happy.”

But when it comes to remembering how many procedures she’s had, Pixee added: “I get that question all the time and honestly I don’t keep count. I don’t even know what counts as a surgery and what does not. 

Pixee Fox took six ribs out so that she could achieve her tiny waist [Instagram]

“But it’s a LOT. It’s the same if someone is asked how many haircuts they’ve had.”

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Some of Pixee’s most radical procedures have even included having implants in her eyes to change their colour and her nose edited to look like a cartoon.

But the star’s most famous surgery is undoubtable her tiny waist, for which she had an incredible six ribs removed for.

“The secret is being a Raw Vegan, with a lot of creativity!” the model said of her unbelievable figure. 

Pixee Fox has lost count of how many surgeries she has had [Pixee Fox]

“I was the first documented case in the world to remove six of my ribs. I have done 2 Brazilian Butt Lifts with liposuction of the waist to reshape my body, breast argumentation to give the illusion of a smaller waist. 

“I also had Sculptra injections in my hips and then I live 24/7 in my own custom maid corsets that I produce.”

And it seems the TV personality has no plans to stop modifying her body, citing cartoon Jessica Rabbit as her inspiration. 

“Still today I have some more procedures planned for the future,” Pixee revealed. 

Pixee Fox has no plans to stop getting plastic surgery [Pixee Fox]

“I dont want to describe my look as beatifull or ugly, I am Pixee, my own caricature which reflects my soul and I am who i want to be. And that is all that matters to me.”

The model then added: “Everyone is a little addicted to our passions, otherwise we would not be doing it right?”

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