Katie Price leaves This Morning viewers STUNNED after she drops the 'N WORD' TWICE during LIVE interview to stop her son Harvey's online bullies and reveals that internet troll made sexual video of him

Katie Price was on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to talk about her the horrific bullying and trolling that her disabled teenage son Harvey has endured. 

The Loose Women panellist has launched a petition and is urging the government to tackle online bullying as she thinks that the culprits should go to jail for their actions.

However, despite having good intentions, Katie left viewers both stunned and distracted after she dropped the ‘n word’ TWICE while talking about the harrowing online abuse Harvey has received.

And on the second time she repeated the term, Phillip was forced to step in to tell off the 38 year old and prevent her from using it again.

Katie Price has launched a petition to get the government to act on social media bullying [ITV ]

Katie Price was on This Morning to highlight the problems of social media bullying when she dropped the ‘n-bomb’ [ITV ]

He said: “Yeah, we don’t need to hear it again…”

While gobsmacked viewers at home took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the word being used on LIVE pre-watershed TV. 

One person said: “Katie Price ruined her message by saying the N word twice live on #ThisMorning.” 

A different user put: “Dropping the N bomb repeatedly on #ThisMorning really doesn’t make your message any stronger @MissKatiePrice.” 

While another account added: “Katie Price ruined her message by using the N word. Never acceptable  #ThisMorning.”

However, not all show watchers were offended by the language and one person said: “Are people more bothered Katie Price dropping N words on live tv rather than what the campaign is about  #thismorning.”

Phillip Schofield urged Katie Price not to say the ‘n-word’ after she said it a second time on This Morning [ITV ]

While a different person added: “Why are people more bothered about @MissKatiePrice saying the N word rather than the disgusting crimes against Harvey?!?!?!  #ThisMorning.” 

And another account put: “#ThisMorning Katie price said the n word as an example of what is said to Harvey , she didn’t use the word to offend.”

During the interview, Katie revealed how she was “pushed over the edge” by one troll.

She said: “There was one last year, someone had done a video of Harvey as though they were having sex with Harvey.

“When Harvey was last on this show, Harvey always says: ‘Yeah, baby’ a lot. 

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“Basically he made this video in bed with Harvey saying: ‘Do you like it this way, that way’ and clipping back to him saying: ‘Yeah, baby.”

This Morning: Katie Price revealed that one online troll made a sexual video of Harvey [ITV]

“That is so bad, not only is it a child, but tacking the mick out of him.”

Katie went on to reveal that she is now “immune” to the regular abuse and it’s not “normal”.

And added: “Every day people say things to him, how can people get away with this?!

“It takes time to do this, what goes through their heads?!”

While she revealed that she went to the police over the matter who arrested the guy and took away his computers and phones, but beacause he had no “criminal record” they let him off without “caution”.

Katie went on to explain why she was doing it and said: “I’m not taking away freedom of speech, you know me I can be banter, but you know when you’re crossing the line…

This Morning: Katie Price used the ‘N-WORD’ TWICE while listing the terms that Harvey has been called by the online trolls and bullies [ITV]

“If there’s something in place, people might think different.”

She revealed that so far she has got “over 100,000 signatures” and her next steps are to go to the Parliament Select Committee to discuss what would be the prison offence or fine. 

Katie later took to Twitter to hit back at the comments and response from her using the “N WORD” on This Morning. 

In the 42-second video shared to her 2.14m followers, she explained her reason and said: “I’m glad I’ve made headlines using that word.

“I want to get it out there that it’s not acceptable.”

She added: “Online bullying has to stop, please sign my petition and get these horrible online trolling bullies off!”

This Morning: Katie Price opened up about the harrowing online abuse that her disabled teenage son Harvey has received [ITV]

You can visit and sign Katie’s petition entitled: “Make online abuse a specific criminal offence and create a register of offenders”, here

While you can support This Morning’s “Be Kind!” anti-bullying campaign, here

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