The One Show: Call The Midwife star Helen George in shock as she meets a baby she helped deliver

The star appeared on the sofas alongside presenters Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon on Wednesday evening.

Helen discussed the new series of Call The Midwife with the hosts, opening up about her experience filming the harrowing drama.

Helen has played Trixie Franklin on the show since 2012.

After their discussion, Matt and Angela told Helen that they had a little present for her.

The One Show: Helen George got a very big surprise when she appeared on the show on Wednesday [BBC]

The One Show: Helen was introduced to baby Dulcie, who she helped deliver [BBC]

Helen looked confused as Matt held up a newspaper that had a story about Call The Midwife on the front.

The host explained that there was a family in the studio who made headlines when they welcomed their baby daughter on the side of the road.

They stated that they wouldn’t have been able to handle the situation if they weren’t fans of the BBC show.

Matt then made his way over to the family, and introduced Helen to adorable baby Dulcie. 

Dulcie’s aunt Samantha told viewers: “We were sent home from the hospital, they said [her sister] wasn’t in any labour.

“We didn’t have time to get back to her house so we went to mine.

The One Show: Dulcie’s auntie was forced to deliver her by the side of the road [BBC]

“But she was in so much pain so we went back out and by the time we reached the end of my road the baby’s head was delivered.

Mum Danielle continued: “I was laying out in the back, Samantha was in the front and my husband was driving.”

When Matt asked Samantha who she was channelling while taking over midwife duties she replied: “Trixie!”

She continued: “In the programme Trixie is so calm and collected so I just tried to be like her.

“Everyone was breathing together and I delivered the baby and wrapped her up and handed her over to mummy

Danielle added: “If it wasn’t for Call The Midwife and my sister I don’t know what I would have done.”

The One Show: Helen George looked shocked as was introduced to Dulcie and her family [BBC]

“That’s amazing!” said Helen.

“I’m always asked if I think I could deliver a baby for real…I mean I probably couldn’t let’s be honest.

“But well done Samantha! That’s incredible.”

Helen is set to make her highly-anticipated return to Call The Midwife in coming weeks.

The One Show: Helen George is set to make return to series seven of Call The Midwife [Getty]

Her character Trixie was last seen staying out in South Africa during the show’s Christmas special.

Call The Midwife continues Sundays at 8pm on BBC One. 


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