Aldi Christmas advert 2017 Kevin and Katie the carrot: Supermarket responds to DEMANDS over soft toys after big disappointment last year

Good news for Kevin as he finds love this Christmas

Aldi Christmas advert 2-17: Fans have been demanding answers from the supermarket over Kevin and Katie soft toys [Aldi]

Aldi’s 2017 Christmas advert finally hit screens in early November, and shoppers were not disappointed by the supermarket’s festive offering.

Kevin the Carrot made an epic comeback, only this time to find love with Katie the Carrot. 

And the Murder On the Orient Express-like advert fast became one of people’s favourite commercials of the year so far. 

Meaning fans are now keen to get their hands on a soft toy of the adorable carrot animation.

Kevin falls for Katie in Aldi's latest festive commercial

Kevin falls for Katie in Aldi’s latest festive commercial, and shoppers have fallen for both adorable characters [Aldi]

Taking to Twitter, one fan of the advert wrote: “@AldiUK Love #KevinandKatie Are there any plans for a Katie soft toy? My kids are bound to ask if we can get one!”.

Another wrote: “Just saw the @AldiUK #KevinandKatie Christmas ad. I love it! Hope they’re selling the toy versions again this year, missed out getting one last year.”

While a third added to the online conversation: “Omg didn’t know they did Kevin the carrot and this year Katie too teddy from Aldi hopefully will get one of each #KevinAndKatie can’t wait till 23rd.”

A fourth demanded of the store: “@AldiUK Are there going to be any rules to buying #KevinandKatie in store? Last year people were buying loads and selling them which is disgusting when they were for charity! I wasn’t able to buy one because they sold out in store so quick!”.

Kevin the Carrot fans were disappointed they didn't manage to land a soft toy last year

Kevin the Carrot fans were disappointed they didn’t manage to land a soft toy last year [Twitter]

Last year, the German supermarket brought out a cute cuddly toy to go alongside it’s huge marketing campaign.

And Kevin the Carrot soft toys were such a hit among shoppers, they were selling out of store with prices being hitched on eBay. 


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Currently, many are going for over £20 or £30 on the bidding site. 

Last Christmas, one disappointed person wrote on Twitter: “@AldiUK Will u b selling more Kevin the Carrot toys? I’d like to get my baby boy 1 but all sold out. Greedy people are selling them all on ebay.”

Kevin the Carrot sold on eBay last year for up to £30 [eBay]

While another agreed:”@AldiUK disappointed no Kevin the Carrot’s to buy anywhere and they are now being sold on eBay for ridiculous amounts.”

Lucking, Kevin and Katie will return to stores this year, and there is a catch if you’re planning on bulk buying. 

The sell-out Plush Kevin The Carrot soft toy will be joined of course by Plush Katie The Carrot. The toys launch in stores from November 23, and will cost just £2.99 in support of Aldi’s charity partner, the Teenage Cancer Trust.

This time around, Aldi are cementing strict rules around the sales. They tweeted in response to the mania: “There will be a significant increase versus last year in the number of soft toys available in each store.

Aldi is hitting the heart of shoppers for Christmas 2017 as Kevin the Carrot goes on a quest for love

Aldi is hitting the heart of shoppers for Christmas 2017 as Kevin the Carrot goes on a quest for love [Aldi]

“There will be a limit to three of each variant per customer.

“But as with all of our Specialbuys, we only have limited numbers, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!” the store warned. 

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