Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Seventh confirmed housemate leaves fans confused. Can you work out who it is?

Following the pattern of previous clips, the unidentifiable star can be heard speaking about their plans for their time in the famous compound.

However, this time, it’s a celebrity who has already been in the house.

Introducing the clip, the official Twitter Big Brother page added the caption: “It’s time for another one of our #CBB housemate hints!

“This one sounds like they’ve had some experience in the House…”

Celebrity Big Brother seventh housemate confirmed: The official Big Brother Twitter page revealed the seventh celebrity who will be entering the house [Channel 5/Twitter]

With her voice heavily muffled, the star can be heard saying: “This time, you get to watch me make the same mistakes as before.”

She then declares that she is a “wildcard.”

While fans have found it easy to guess the stars in the previous clips, many were stumped about who the new housemate could be.

“Sounds like something Jasmine Waltz would say,” noted one.

Another added: “Jasmine Waltz? ‘Mistakes’ could refer to the whole Lee Ryan affair. I don’t think Lennard would consider their actions ‘mistakes’.”

However, others alleged that it could be Jasmine Lennard.

Celebrity Big Brother seventh housemate confirmed: The unidentified star revealed what she would get up to in the house [Channel 5/Twitter]

Celebrity Big Brother seventh housemate confirmed: The official social media page appeared to confirm that the star would be part of the All Star team [Channel 5/Twitter]

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Celebrity Big Brother seventh housemate confirmed: However, fans couldn’t guess who the housemate was [Channel 5/Twitter]

“Definitely Jasmine Lennard,” declared one user.

Wondering if they will both enter the house, one CBB fan speculated: “Hopefully both Jasmines are doing it.”

With the seventh housemate leaving fans confused, the identity of the sixth guest appeared to be figured out straight away.

“I’m going to be callous and cutting,” the deep voice says as his silhouette is shown.

Insisting that they knew who it was, a Twitter user posted on the social media site: “@bbuk the beast from The Chase?”


It has also been speculated that Kim Kardashian’s former boyfriend Ray J could also be entering the house when the doors open at the start of the new year.

And with just days to go before the new series kicks off, fans have been given a glimpse at the new renovation.

With colour just about splashed everywhere, it’s hard to spot anything else.

Celebrity Big Brother seventh housemate revealed: Fans have been given a glimpse into the new house [Channel 5]

However, some fans did when they noticed that there were 15 TV screens and 16 chairs leading many to wonder whether a couple would be arriving at a later date.

The plot thickens!

Celebrity Big Brother begins on Channel 5 on January 3.

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