Celebrity Big Brother: Austin Armacost gets removed from house after explosive row with Heidi and Spencer Pratt

In a two sneak previews shared by the hit Channel 5 show, it shows the housemates getting annoyed with Speidi after they steal multiple bottles of water and hide them. 

The stars decide to play a prank on the couple and rummage through their bed covers to retrieve the stolen drinks.

However, Austin takes things too far when he goes back to get some water and discovers it’s all gone. 

He confronts Heidi by saying: “The water’s all gone!”

Celebrity Big Brother: Austin Armacost gets annoyed at Heidi and Spencer Pratt after they steal and hide water bottles [Channel 5]

To which the former The Hills star replies: “Look, we don’t have anymore water.

“Please don’t go back into my bed!”

But Austin refuses to accept this answer and asks again: “Where have they all gone?”

Heidi warns the model to stay away from her belongings and says: “So?! They’re not in our bed and please don’t come back into my bed.”

However, the 28-year-old ignores the reality star’s warning and starts to rifle through her bedding again. 

Heidi does not take this well and yells: “Austin for real, stop!”

Celebrity Big Brother: Austin Armacost and Heidi Pratt come to blows over missing water bottles [Channel 5]

But Austin retaliates to the blonde beauty with a shock out burst and calls her a “dirty b****”. 

He shouts in her face: “For real?!

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“You and your husband just stole everybody’s water. 

“This is SO f***** up!”

Celebrity Big Brother: Heidi Pratt asks Big Brother to remove Austin Armacost [Channel 5]

To which Heidi angrily repeats: “Get out of my face and f*** off to your corner.

“Big Brother get Austin out of my face!”

James Jordan then intervenes and holds back a furious Austin as he shouts: “This is bull s***!”

Celebrity Big Brother: James Jordan steps in and escorts Austin Armacost to the Diary Room [Channel 5]

Big Brother then calls Austin to the Diary Room to calm down “immediately”, but the model refuses and grabs a bucket to fill up with water instead. 

He chillingly says: “They want water, we will give them some water!”

Looking at the preview photos, it looks as though the celebrity eventually cools down and goes to the Diary Room after being summoned by Big Brother multiple times. 

Celebrity Big Brother: Austin Armacost gets called to the Diary Room over his explosive outburst [Channel 5]

Will things get resolved between the housemates? 

Catch all the action on Celebrity Big Brother tonight at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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