Chloe Khan and Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves exclusively reveal they’re DATING after close friendship heats up: ‘It just happened so naturally’

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves and Chloe Khan revealed they are dating [Rodrigo Alves/Instagram]

The self-confessed plastic surgery addict and his new flame have been firm friends for some time.

But their close relationship was upped a level up after they got close while working together at the Miss Motors event.

Rodrigo told OK! Online: “We’ve been friends for a while and its just happened so naturally. Chloe is perfect for me, she’s sweet and beautiful and has a good heart. I love her.”

The new couple have decided to take things slowly, but are already struggling to be apart from one another.

Rodrigo and Chloe have been close friends for a while[Rodrigo Alves]

Chloe and Rodrigo got close while working at the Miss Motors event[Rodrigo Alves/Instagram]

Chloe revealed: “I love my little Roddy! At the moment we’re just having some fun, so let’s take it day by day and see where it leads. 

“We spend a lot of time together at the moment because we cant stand being away from each other too long, even though we’re both super-busy with all of our work. 

“This week we got to work together as we were both asked to be judges at the Miss Motors event. We selected the woman who will take part in the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 and it was so much fun doing it all with him.”

Rodrigo recently shared a photo of himself and his new girlfriend with his 250k Instagram followers, showing the former X Factor contestant planting a kiss on her man’s face.

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Chloe Khan already has the nickname ‘Roddy’ for her new man[Chloe Khan/Instagram]

“When Ken meets Barbie, we party we drink then we party and we drink then we catch up and sleep . Love you @chloe.khan, #friends #rodrigoalves #barbie#kendoll #doll #matel #cl #tomford at the best night club in london @dstrktlondon #grandprix #monaco#f1,” he captioned it.

The pair’s confession comes after Rodrigo revealed he was left scared for his life after having his drink spiked while partying in New York.

The reality star had gone out for dinner and drinks to celebrate a week of hard work, and after turning down shots and sticking to champagne and prosecco, Rodrigo collapsed later on, waking up in the emergency room hours later.

He told the MailOnline: “I started feeling a little strange and dizzy, so I started sipping on some iced water. I remember someone bought some Dom Perignon, but I wasn’t really drinking, and all of a sudden I collapsed by the DJ booth and woke up in the emergency room.

Rodrigo Alves had his drink spiked [Rodrigo Alves/Instagram]

“Diane was holding my hand and doctors told me I had my drink spiked. They said if I had carried on drinking, my body could have gone into shock.”

Rodrigo is unsure of why he was targeted, but fears he could have ended up in the Hudson River.

He continued: “I questioned why someone would do this to me. I’m sure they didn’t want any funny business, if you know what I mean. 

“But maybe they wanted to rob me, or beat me up, kidnap me, or throw me in the Hudson River.

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