Emmerdale spoiler: Is Robert Sugden and Aaron Livesy's relationship in trouble after Liv finds shocking footage?

Despite the trials and tribulations that they had to go through to be together, the pair are set to face another hurdle when Aaron’s sister Liv comes across video footage showing Rob and Rebecca White together.

Alarmed by the clip, Liv shows it to Chas and spots the way Rob looks around to make sure no one is looking before he embraces her.

“That’s him…It’s like he was waiting for her or something. You know, looking around to check if anyone is watching,” the teen says as Chas is left reeling by what this could be for her son.

While fans will have to wait to see if Rob has a viable explanation, Producer Iain MacLeod recently teased what’s in store for the village residents.

Emmerdale spoiler: Liv shows Chas a video she’s found of Robert and Rebecca [ITV]

And by the sounds of it, Aaron is also going to find himself in a difficult situation.

“Fuelled by his own turbulent feelings about Robert and a little bit of jealousy about Rebecca, he sort of wades into a situation that he probably shouldn’t,” he explained.

“He gets himself in a right mess, finds himself in quite a bit of trouble and all of this only serves to remind Robert how much he loves Aaron and sharpens his eagerness to get him up the aisle.”

Will Rob-Ron be able to live happily ever after?

Meanwhile, it’s also going to be a big year for Debbie Dingle when she returns to the village.

Having been off on maternity leave, actress Charley Webb will be seen getting back into the swing of things when Debbie brings trouble back with her.

Emmerdale spoiler: The footage showed Rob and Rebecca hugging [ITV]

Emmerdale spoiler: As Liv questions why they were hugging, Chas looks alarmed [ITV]

Emmerdale spoiler: Will Chas be able to tell Aaron what she saw? [ITV]

But that’s not all.

There will also be heartbreak for the character which could impact the rest of the year.

“Just when you think you can’t catch your breath, there’s a surprise that she has for us at the end that’s kind of desperately sad, really heartbreaking,” Ian teased.

“I think will trigger a massive storyline for her for the next 12-18 months.”

Emmerdale spoiler: Debbie Dingle is also set to make an explosive return to the dales [ITV]

It’s going to be an interesting year!

Emmerdale continues on ITV, weekdays at 7pm.

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