Gaz Beadle's pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey reveals baby name decision as due date approaches: 'Nobody is understanding it'

Welcome back to my OK! Online exclusive pregnancy blog

Welcome back to my OK! Online exclusive pregnancy blog [Emma McVey/OK! Online exclusive]

Hi guys!

Welcome back to my exclusive OK! Online pregnancy blog, I had such a positive response from you all after my first blog last week, it was so lovely so many girls could relate to my small bump and I loved reading all your comments and messages.

I think some people got the wrong impression of me after I spoke out about online trolls, but since doing the blog people are starting to realise I’m just a normal person and rude comments about my baby bump and pregnancy do have an impact on me.

I actually had a midwife appointment this week and my boobs have grown five inches and my stomach four, which is really exciting! It’s like he’s finally decided to say hello! I’ve wanted to show for ages so it was a lovely moment for me.

We had such a lovely weekend in Newcastle with Gary’s family [Emma McVey]

We enjoyed our weekend in Newcastle for Gary’s mum’s 60th birthday, it was freezing but I really loved chilling out with family and celebrating with lots of cake, I’m hungry all the time lately and if I don’t eat I tend to get a bit stroppy! 

I’m also very tired and a bit out of breath now I’m in my third trimester, I never used to have lazy days but I’m embracing them now and Gary is taking full advantage too. I never used to allow myself because I don’t like feeling as though I haven’t achieved anything in a day, but now we’re enjoying doing nothing, Gary likes to think he’s on maternity leave too! He’s as hormonal as I am.


As we were in Newcastle, Gary and I decided to do a mini break away to Scotland, it was so nice. We found a spa there – we both really enjoy spas –  and just enjoyed being somewhere completely different to where we’re from.

I don’t want to go on a major holiday because there’s not that long left, we have nine and a bit weeks to go so I don’t really want to fly too far.

Also, the last time I went in the sun while pregnant I just had heat rash the whole time, my skin is so sensitive.

Gary and I are trying to spend as much quality time together before the baby comes, but I’m also encouraging Gary to play as much golf and Call of Duty as he likes before he becomes a dad! He’s not going to have as much time to play golf for five hours or sit on Call of Duty for an ENTIRE day when the baby is here.


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Gary and I love spending quality time together [Emma McVey]

Gaz chilling in the enormous bath at Gleddoch house hotel and spa[Emma McVey] Sleep struggles

Pregnant women will know how much you have to get up to go to the toilet in the night, but when I’m up I can’t get back to sleep for the life of me.

I’m up all night, if I wake up at 1am I’ll probably get back to sleep around 4am, this weekend at Gary’s mum’s I couldn’t get back to sleep from 3am, so I was absolutely drained throughout the day. I don’t know if it’s preparing me for his arrival, but I definitely feel prepared! 

I did have a pregnancy massage with heated lava shells this week though, which relaxed me a bit, the heat was really good for my sciatica and helped my back pain and the shells were really pretty.

My pregnancy massage this week from lava shells was amazing I’ve got a home kit now so Gary is looking forward to me pampering him too [Emma McVey] Baby kicks

He kicks really hard now. When I lie down you can see him literally coming out of my stomach, it’s really clear, that’s probably having something to do with me waking up in the night.

It feels weird when he kicks me in the ribs, but it’s a feeling I really love, before you had to wait for a scan to know everything was going ok but now he’s so active it’s lovely.

Gary has got so many videos of the baby kicking, he always stops when we want him to do it though.

Gaz Beadle posted this adorable photo after trolls gave Emma abuse online about her 'small' baby bump

He’s kicking so much now! [Emma McVey] Baby name decision

We have decided on one we like and are bearing it in mind, but it depends if he’s blonde or brunette because I don’t know if it will suit him or not, nobody is understanding that but the name won’t suit him if he’s really dark, trust me!

We love English names too, but most of my family already have the names we like, also my dog is called one of the names on my list, so at first Gary wanted me to change the dog’s name, but I can’t do that! We’re struggling a bit.

We’re keeping the name between us two though, everyone keeps asking and everyone’s got an opinion on every name ans people can put you off a little bit.

Ferne McCann has called her baby Sunday,  I wasn’t sure on at first as it’s really different, but I read up on it and Sunday is a calming name, there’s actually a lot of meaning behind it and the more I’ve read up about it the more I like it, it’s actually a really nice name, but I think we’ll probably stay traditional.

Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey had a 4D baby scan of their son

He’s kicking so much now! [Emma McVey]

That’s all this week! We’ve got a pretty chilled weekend planned and a dinner with my manager Kym, so keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement!

Lots of love,

Emma and bump xXx

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