Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves reveals extent of HORROR night out as he loses his teeth and is 'spiked and mugged'

Rodrigo Alves transformationRodrigo Alves was ‘mugged and spiked’ in Marbella [Instagram]

The plastic surgery addict said that he was befriended on a night out in Marbella by a group of women who – without his knowledge – added their expensive drinks to his bar tab. 

However, the women soon made off leaving Rodrigo with a hefty bar tab of £600, before he realised that £400 had also gone missing from his friend’s purse.

Speaking to The Sun about the night, the TV star said: “I got really drunk, we got our drinks spiked, we got mugged.”

Rodrigo has been posting many pictures from his Marbella trip Rodrigo has been posting many pictures from his Marbella trip [Rodrigo Alves/ Instagram ]

Rodrigo Alves transformationRodrigo also lost his teeth veneers during the horror night [Instagram]

He said: “Basically they were talking to me, taking selfies saying ‘we love you you’re amazing’ and then suddenly they vanished.

“They stole €400 out of her purse and they left with me a €600 bar tab to pay.”

He continued: “There was nothing I could do about it.”

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Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves left devastated after doctors reveal his nose could FALL OFF

Rodrigo Alves has spoken out about his experience [E!]

“So I went to pay the bill and my friend said, ‘I’ll help you’ but when she went to get money out she said, ‘Oh my god those girls have taken my money too’.

“They just lied – they lied to the bar staff.”

To make matters worse, the image-conscious star awoke the next morning to find his broken teeth veneers on his pillow – causing him to make an emergency dash to the dentist. 

Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves is known for his many surgeries to alter his appearance [Rodrigo Alves/Instagram]

He told the Mail Online: “I am man-made from head to teeth, and in the morning I woke up without three of them.

“I had to run to an emergency dental clinic, who were able to glue and fix my big porcelain veneers.”

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