Jeremy McConnell accused of 'sleeping with girlfriend' of angry fan on Twitter outburst

Jeremy McConnell has been accused of sleeping with someone’s girlfriend on Twitter [Jeremy McConnell/Twitter]

The former Celebrity Big Brother star – who is set to become a father for the first time with Stephanie Davis – has been targeted on Twitter by an angry fan.

The man, Liam Topham, took to social media before the new year to claim Jeremy McConnell slept with his girlfriend in a hotel room after a nightclub appearance.

In a series of angry messages, which also included screenshots of messages exchanged between Jeremy and his girlfriend, Liam wrote: “@JezzaMcConnell Guess you f***ed me miss’s after in Ramada in Wrexham.”

It’s thought the night in question happened in May.

The angry fan called Jeremy and his girlfriend out on social media [Twitter/SG]

The boyfriend shared a screenshot of the pair’s messages  [Liam Topham/Twitter]

After a series of tagged tweets from the upset boyfriend, Jeremy blocked him from Twitter.

Liam then tweeted: “I must of upset him @JezzaMcConnell.”

He then went on to talk about new beginnings in 2017 and claimed he only wanted to know the truth.

Jeremy has remained silent on the situation, however, the girlfriend in question has denied anything happened.

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The Celebrity Big Brother star has blocked the fan on Twitter [Jeremy McConnell/Twitter]

She tweeted: “A kiss on the cheek and i get called a cheat and get marked.

“People shouldnt always believe what they read two sides, even if it was true I Should not been physically abused!! #abuse #lies #exboyfriend.”

Jeremy also appears to have a new lady in his life after he shared a photo of his New Year’s Eve kiss on Snapchat.

In the post with a mystery blonde, which has since been deleted, the reality star simply captioned it: “Happy new year.”

Jeremy McConnell is set to become a father for the first time with Stephanie Davis [Wenn]

Jeremy, 27, is said to be expecting his first baby with ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis in January.

The ex-Hollyoaks actress has had a turbulent relationship with her former love after they met on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016.

It’s thought they will have a DNA test once their son arrives.

Stephanie Davis has come off social media since Christmas [Stephanie Davis/Instagram]

In a recent interview, Steph said: “Jeremy knows the truth. If I could have done one straight away, I would have, but it was too dangerous for the baby.”

OK! Online has contacted Jeremy’s rep for a comment.

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