Sam Faiers hits back after boyfriend Paul Knightley was branded a 'chauvinist pig': 'That's the father of my baby!'

Sam Faiers has defended her boyfriend Paul Knightley after he was criticised  [Wenn]

Sam Faiers exclusively spoke out after her boyfriend Paul, who she shares her one-year-old son with, faced backlash on her ITVBe documentary The Mummy Diaries.

Speaking exclusively to OK! Online at the launch of her YouTube channel, the former TOWIE star addressed the controversy.

After the first episode of the series aired, Sam’s partner faced a series of negative comments on Twitter, some of which branded him “weird” and a “chauvinistic pig”.

The mum-of-one admitted that she was left “upset” over the remarks, and that people should be more “supportive” of her family.

Sam’s boyfriend Paul was branded ‘weird’ on the Mummy Diaries  [Ralph Petts/]

“That’s the father of my baby,” Sam, 25, said.

“So it really upsets me that there’s no support.”

She continued: “It’s good because everyone was really supportive [of the show]. I’ve worked really hard, filming almost every day and letting cameras into my home.

“You would just think that people would show more support. It’s my family and I’m very protective over my family.”

Sam Faiers said it upsets her that people don’t support her family [KP Pictures]

And despite the cruel remarks about Paul, who Sam started dating in October 2014, the reality star insisted that she doesn’t let it get to her.

“I’m not going to cry about it because I’m a strong person, but sometimes you just think something has to give.”

Billie Faiers’ sister explained that she did discuss the criticism with Paul, to which he joked: “Are they ever going to leave me alone?”

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Sam added: “He can sort of see the fun side of it, but I don’t see it.”

Sam Faiers admitted she’s very protective over her family [Sam Faiers/Instagram]

The TV star was previously forced to defend her beau, after he faced criticism for “kissing” his mother Gaynor on the lips during the show.

“He didn’t take offence to the comments one bit,” she said. “But me? I was offended. 

“When you know someone so well and know what they are really like, it’s difficult.”

The reality star has previously revealed her plans to marry Paul, and hinted on The Mummy Diaries that she was him to get down on one knee.

Paul Knightley and his mum were faced with criticism after kissing on the lips [ITV]

Sam Faiers said she was ‘offended’ by the remarks [Sam Faiers/Instagram]

“I want to get married before we have a second baby,” she admitted.

“I’m always dropping hints to Paul but it’s up to him when he proposes. I can’t wait to be Samantha Knightley.”

But despite not setting a wedding date just yet, baby Paul’s parents have already decided they want to expand their brood. 

The mum of one added: “I want four and Paul wants six so we’ve compromised on five. 

“I’d like a mix of boys and girls and I’m like to have them all by the time I’m 32 – I love being a young mum.”

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