The Great British Bake Off: Why do the contestants and presenters wear the same clothes on both days? Viewers accuse Channel 4 of 'lying' to them after spotting strange fashion pattern

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off viewers have noticed something suspicious about contestants and presenters outfits  [Channel 4]

As The Great British Bake Off moves from BBC One to Channel 4, viewers have adjusted to the change as they’ve found they’re still as hooked as ever, despite added advert breaks. 

They’ve even taken to newcomers Sandi Toksvig (who has an impressive career history) and Noel Fielding (whose eccentric shirts have become a big talking point) on the baking show.

But there’s one thing viewers still can’t get their heads around about the competition. 

Just WHY do the contestants and presenters wear the same outfit on both Saturday and Sunday?

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off: Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig are the new presenters [Channel 4]

After last night’s episode, when Flo Atkins left the competition, GBBO viewers took to Twitter to express both their confusion and anger. 

One person tweeted: “WHY do the outfits people wear on #gbbo remain the same on both days?? This has always bothered me!”.

Another questioned: “On #gbbo how come when it’s meant to be the next day, everyone inc. judges all have same clothes, Jewellery on etc?”.

Others even felt the fashion choice meant the Love Productions creation was lying to fans. 

On eagle-eyed viewer stated: “Why are they lying about it being Day 2 on #GBBO @Channel4 when they are all wearing the same clothes.”

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The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off: 12 contestants started in the competition [Channel 4]

A second added: “Always wonder why the #gbbo contestants wear the same outfits over both days? Is it all filmed in one day? ARE WE BEING LIED TO?”.

But as it turns out, there’s a very good reason for the behind the scenes secret. 

Yes, GBBO is filmed over the weekends, with the technical and the signature on the Saturday and the showstopper on the Sunday. 

However, in order to keep continuity on the show, bakers are required to wear the same outfit twice. 

Sandi makes creative cake-filled innuendos

Viewers were confused by the fashion decision on Bake Off [Channel 4]

2013 winner Francis Quinn previously spoke to Buzzfeed about the duplicate outfits, explained: “Luckily they change the aprons so we don’t look like a Jackson Pollock painting by the end of it.”

She continued: “I think layers [is the answer], but even then you still have to wear what you had on, on top. Difficult.

“And everyone was always like ‘Did you buy two of everything?’ and I was like ‘No, you’re spending so much money on butter and eggs…”

While it’s too early to tell, Steven Carter-Bailey has already been dubbed favourite to win for a very good reason.

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