Beyoncé urges Jay Z to make up with Kanye West after the rapper was hospitalised for 'exhaustion'

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian previously got on well[Getty]

The Single Ladies singer has reportedly been “quietly pushing” her other half to reach out to the troubled rapper, following Kanye’s bizarre on-stage behaviour and later hospitalisation. 

In show appearances before he was hospitalised, the troubled husband of Kim Kardashian seemed to blast Beyonce and Jay-Z to thousands of fans. 

But it appears Queen Bey wants to move on under the circumstances.

A source close to the singer told The Sun: “Beyonce is urging Jay to let bygones be bygones, and Jay is coming round to the idea and fast as he sees Kanye is in trouble.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z look loved-up at Kanye West’s Madison Square Garden concert [Beyoncé/Instagram]

“No matter what has happened between them, Kanye has always been Jay’s little bro and Jay has always called him his ‘familia’.”

The insider added: “When Kanye’s mother Donda died, it was Bey and Jay that Kanye turned to.

“They were his number one comforters, with Beyoncé even playing Connect 4 with him to take his mind off things.

“They’re now planning to reach out to Kanye quietly and in private to avoid any media storm but just to let him know they are there for him.”

Beyonce is reportedly urging Jay Z to make up with Kanye [Getty]  

It comes after Kanye left crowds stunned as he took to the stage for the latest stop on his Saint Pablo tour.

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According to concert-goers on Twitter, the Famous rapper reportedly showed up an hour-and-a-half late to the Sacramento show – ending the show after 10 minutes.

In a clip posted to social media, the 39 year old could later be heard blasting former pals Beyonce and Jay Z.

In the footage, he told the crowd: “Beyonce, I was hurt! Because I heard you said you wouldn’t perform, unless you won video of the year over me, and over Hotline Bling.

Kanye West was hospitalised days ago[Wenn]

“In my opinion, now don’t try and diss Beyonce. She is great. Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people. We are all equal. But sometimes, we be playing the politics too much, and forgetting who we are, just to win.

“F**k winning. F**k looking cool. F**k all that.”

He then took aim at the 99 problems rapper, and wanted to tell everyone the “truth”.

“I’ve been sent here to give y’all my truth, even at the risk of my own life. Even at the risk of my own success, my own career. I’ve been sent here to give y’all the truth. 

Jay Z was slammed by Kanye on stage[Getty]

“Jay Z called me, huh? You ain’t still called me. Just call me. Come to me like a man.”

But after cancelling the rest of his Saint Pablo tour, the rapper is said to be “doing much better” after being reunited with wife Kim. 

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