Celebs Go Dating: Calum Best forced to face Victoria after standing her up but fans have been left shocked with the brunette beauty's unexpected reaction

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Charlotte Dawson had to tell Victoria that Calum wasn’t coming to their double date during a previous episode of Celebs Go Dating [E4]

Celebs Go Dating viewers were shocked when Calum Best — the self-confessed ‘perfect gentleman’ — stood up his date Victoria last week, without telling her or contacting the agents to let them know.

Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman gave the reality star a mild telling-off on Monday night’s episode, but it turns out they had a bigger revenge plan in store.

During Thursday night’s round two of speed dating, the relationship experts invited Victoria back to confront Calum in person.

Calum was nervous when he saw Victoria arrive to confront him

Calum was nervous when he saw Victoria arrive to confront him [E4]  

Celebs Go Dating fans were delighted at the prospect of Calum being forced to eat humble pie by the stunning brunette, but they were soon disappointed.

Rather than telling Calum where to go after standing her up, Victoria agreed to go on a date with him instead.

Viewers still held out hope that she would turn the tables and stand him up on their re-arranged date, but ultimately Victoria did meet up with Calum, and even went on to agree to another date after kissing the handsome reality star.

Victoria confronted Calum during speed dating

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Victoria confronted Calum during speed dating but she didn’t stay annoyed for long[E4]  

Celebs Go Dating fans were not happy, and took to social media to air their feelings, with one saying:  “#CelebsGoDating Well it didn’t take much for Victoria to get over Calum standing her up the first time did it?”.

“Victoria should have said no. Oh well she must be desperate  #CelebsGoDating”, tweeted another.

Someone else wrote: “#CelebsGoDating disappointed in Victoria….thought she’d really make Calum work.”

It didn't take long for Victoria to succumb to Calum's charms

It didn’t take long for Victoria to succumb to Calum’s charms, to the frustration of viewers[E4]

“Lost all respect for Victoria now. Why would you give a snake like Calum a second chance? #celebsgodating”, said one fan of the show.

“Grr women like Victoria on #CelebsGoDating encourage men to treat women badly! Wondering if she was told to say yes to protect Calum’s ego?!”, wrote a suspicious viewer.

But others suggested ways that Victoria could still get the ultimate revenge on the reality star, with someone tweeting: “All we need now is Calum to invite Victoria to the final meal and she stands him up #CelebsGoDating.”

“Hope Victoria makes Callum really like her then invites her to final meal and she’s like nah mate and doesn’t turn up #CelebsGoDating”, said another cunning viewer.

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