Coronation Street: Toyah Battersby and Peter Barlow's affair to be exposed?

Coronation Street’s Toyah and Peter Barlow’s affair to be exposed?: Georgia Taylor hinted that it won’t be long before people find out about Toyah and Peter’s affair [ITV]

Following Toyah’s return to Weatherfield after 13 years away, Leanne’s sister revealed that she has been having an affair but refused to divulge his identity.

That was until viewers saw her meet Peter in a bar.

Despite making the promise that they would tell Leanne about their relationship, Toyah was forced to put in on the back burner when Leanne was rushed to hospital.

However, it doesn’t look like it will be long before Leanne finds out the truth.

Coronation Street’s Toyah and Peter Barlow’s affair to be exposed?: Georgia revealed that Leanne will feel betrayed when she finds out the truth [ITV]

Revealing what fans can expect in upcoming scenes, Georgia told Digital Spy: “The initial plan was not to keep it a secret.

“They’ve made the pact on Christmas night to ‘rip the plaster off and deal with it’, but then Leanne has a scare with the pregnancy and is told stress could be bad for her and the baby so that moment is gone.

“Again it is all to do with timing, and it’s clever how it all pans out.

“From then on, there isn’t a right time and it drags the process out, but along the way other people start to find out so they are living on borrowed time!”

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With news of their relationship set to cause shockwaves on the street, Georgia admitted that it may cause problems between the Battersby sisters.

Coronation Street’s Toyah and Peter Barlow’s affair to be exposed?: Peter and Toyah were seen enjoying a romantic night away following the revelation that they were a couple [ITV]

Coronation Street: Toyah was due to tell Leanne the truth but couldn’t when her sister was rushed to hospital [ITV]

“I think the biggest thing is the act of betrayal. Leanne would get over the fact that Toyah is with Peter if she had been honest with her. Jane and I have talked about this.

“They grew up together and went through so much together,”

“They are sisters – not in blood but in every other way.

“They are best friends and Toyah hasn’t told her about a significant relationship, or that her marriage was in trouble because of going through unsuccessful IVF treatment,” the actress went on to add.

Coronation Street: Who else will find out about Toyah and Peter’s secret? [ITV]

“It’s the betrayal of that sisterhood and feeling that they are are not as close as Leanne thought they were – and about her feeling humiliated as well.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 7.30pm.

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