Eastenders: Oz's fate finally revealed after Mick Carter attack speculation

Eastenders: Oz was seen sporting a huge purple bruise on his eye [BBC]

In last night’s one hour long episode, fans saw the character turn up for work at the call centre with a huge black eye.

The injury reveal comes after viewers saw Danny Dyer’s character demand Oz’s address before storming out of the pub on Tuesday night’s episode.

It was then revealed last night that Oz had indeed been attacked by Mick, who was seeking revenge for the constant bullying of his son Lee.

And it seemed like Mick’s visit was enough to scare Oz off as he promised to back off from Lee, telling him: “You’re lucky you’ve got daddy to fight your battles. You just keep out of my way and I’ll keep out of yours.”


EastEnders: Fans found out Mick Carter did indeed attack Oz [BBC]

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to approve of Mick sticking up for his son.

One wrote: “Mick gave Oz a right shiner, it ain’t a surprise he agreed to lay off of Lee! That’s if he’s not lying anyway!” 

Another said: “Omg look what mick did to oz damnnnn #eastenders.”

A third added: “If only Mick had beat Oz up sooner!” 

EastEnders: Oz has been seen bullying Mick’s son Lee Carter in recent months [BBC]

While a fourth posted: “Wow Mick really sorted Oz out  #eastenders.”

Though they seemed delighted Oz finally got was coming to him, viewers were disappointed that the scenes weren’t aired for them to see.

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One questioned: “Why couldn’t we see Mick giving it to Oz? #EastEnders.”

Another wrote: “So Mick sorting out Oz was what everyone wanted to see….and #eastenders decided not to. Who writes this sh***?”

EastEnders: Mick Carter was seen washing blood off his hands after demanding Oz’s address in an earlier episode [BBC]

While a third added: “Mick beat Oz up? Why didn’t we see that? #EastEnders.”

Fans began speculating earlier this week that Mick had attacked Oz after he found out just how much trouble Lee was in.

While viewers didn’t see where Mick went after he asked for the character’s address, it didn’t take long for viewers to guess what he did.

The speculation ramped up when the Queen Vic’s landlord came back and was seen washing blood off his hand.

EastEnders Spoiler: Lee Carter has been dealing with depression in an emotional storyline  [BBC]

When Aunt Babe asked if he was in trouble, Mick simply replied: “I’m trying to raise cash that I haven’t got for Linda’s mum and I’m dealing with my excuse of a son’s aggravation.”

Danny-Boy Hatchard, who portrays Lee Carter, recently revealed what viewers can expect from his character over the next few months.

Speaking to The Sun about how he wants to give an honest portrayal of depression, the actor said: “I want to make sure it isn’t just something that happens and then it all gets better for Lee after that because that isn’t the reality.

“It’s about trying to find a healthy balance because mental illness isn’t just something that goes away. And I think that’s what the general feeling is for Lee after that.”

Eastenders continues tonight at 8pm.


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