EastEnders Spoiler: Lee Carter’s shock robbery secret to be revealed?

EastEnders: Lee Carter is shocked when Oz turns up at the Queen Vic [BBC]

Fans of the show will know that the former soldier took desperate measures to get himself out of dept.

He had organised the shock robbery of the Queen Vic, leaving his family in danger.

Lee had struggling to get him self out of his financial pickle as he continues to try and keep wife Whitney happy with lavish gifts.

He even stole the charity money in order to make ends meet.

EastEnders: Is Lee Carter’s lies set to be exposed? [BBC]

But with the lies building up and his battle with depression getting progressively worse, Lee Carter has almost reached breaking point.

However, this week things show no sign of improvement after Lee’s work colleague and robbery accomplice arrives at the pub.

And Lee is horrified when the bully gets friendly with the family.

Talk soon turns to the recent robbery, and Lee is left panicked.

EastEnders: Actor Danny Boy Hatchard is set to leave the soap [BBC]

The Christmas special saw Lee arrested for his involvement in the break-in, but there clearly wasn’t enough evidence against him.

But could this latest development see the devastating truth about Lee finally be exposed?

With mum Linda Carter and Johnny Carter away following linda’s mum Elaine’s stroke, the family is already fractured.

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Could this latest bombshell shatter the Carter’s?

For months now, Lee has been a ticking time bomb as his lies has threatened to be exposed.

EastEnders: Lee Carter was behind the shock Queen Vic robbery [BBC]

And with actor Danny Boy Hatchard set to leave the BBC soap, several fans have speculated whether his money troubles will be the catalyst for his departure.

However, a recent EastEnders trailer teased that Lee could be leaving in the back of a hearse as opposed to the back of a police car.

The clip shows his call centre colleague Oz once again threatening him, with Lee warning him to back off.

But Oz’s comments have obviously affected Lee as he is then seen looking distraught.

EastEnders Spoiler: Lee Carter has been struggling with his guilt [BBC]    

His dad Mick Carter doesn’t help things as he later tells him: “Be honest, secrets just eat up at you and eat away at you – you’ve got to deal with things together in a relationship.”

Linda Carter is also seen sobbing in Mick’s arms, apparently worried about losing someone close to her.

With the pressure mounting, does everything become too much for Lee forcing him to take drastic action?

Or will he make his dramatic exit in another way?

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

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