EastEnders: What secret is Michelle Fowler hiding? – 'Things have happened in America'

However, it appears there could be a motive behind her return rather than just a flying visit to see her friends and family.

Revealing what is in store for her character, originally played by Susan Tully, actress Jenna Russell said: “Things have happened in America and she needed to come back.

“The only place she felt she could go was home, back to Walford.”

Explaining how Michelle has managed to keep whatever issues and troubles she has a secret from her nearest and dearest, Jenna added: “As far as everyone knows she’s come to visit friends and family over Christmas.

EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler hiding a secret?: Michelle had previously been seen calling out for her dad in the allotment [BBC]

“They’re happy to see her but they think she’s going away again. It’s like she’s just come to visit, but she’s not giving an end date as to when she’s going back to America.”

The character hinted towards a few problems in her life during the Christmas day episode. 

In the scenes that played out, Michelle was seen at the allotments where her dad Arthur used to spend a lot of time. 

Bending down and picking up some soil, she said out loud: “I’m back dad.

“I really wish you were here.”

She was then seen avoiding Sharon’s question about why she was back in Walford and whether it had anything to do with her son Mark, who recently found out that Grant Mitchell is his biological dad.

EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler hiding a secret?: Michelle became tearful as she admitted that she wished her dad was there [BBC]

EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler hiding a secret?: Michelle provided support to her friend Sharon Mitchell but didn’t want to talk about herself [BBC]

EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler hiding a secret?: Michelle was seen refusing to answer Sharon’s question about why she’s back in Walford [BBC]

“No, no not really. Do you mind if we don’t talk about it? Not just now,” she told her best friend as they sat in the hospital waiting for news about Phil.

Revealing how Michelle feels being back in Albert Square, Jenna said: “She feels conflicted. She hasn’t been back for a long time. It’s not the place that she thought it was.

“One of Michelle’s first lines was ‘I’m just getting my bearings’, and a lot of the time for her it is about that. Imagine somewhere where you grew up that’s the same but not the same – people are grown up.” 

The actress added: “For Michelle, the house and everything else looks the same but you go inside and it’s different.

“She sees echoes of the past everywhere. She’s seen family and friends when they’ve come to visit her in America, but she hasn’t been in their territory, which was her territory.

EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler hiding a secret? Michelle has yet to reveal why she’s back in Walford [BBC ]

“It’s a place full of ghosts at a difficult time in her life.”

EastEnders continues on BBC One at 8pm.

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