Emmerdale spoiler: Rhona Goskirk returns from her honeymoon but will she tell Paddy Kirk and Vanessa Woodfield the truth about Pierce Harris raping her?

Only recently on Emmerdale, Rhona’s wedding day was turned upside down after her new husband Pierce Harris showed his true evil character. 

Over the past few months on the hit ITV soap, Pierce has continued to manipulate his new wife and rape her – making it out that it was her fault.

And on their wedding day, the shady lawyer subjected Rhona to his most violent attack yet.

As their guests partied in The Woolpack, the character confronted his new bride about her kiss with ex-husband Paddy Kirk.

Emmerdale: Pierce Harris refused to let Rhona Goskirk leave their home and brutally raped her[ITV]

Emmerdale: Rhona Goskirk bravely reported her rape to the police, but stopped halfway through the interview [ITV]  

He then barred her from leaving their house and shouted “you’re my wife now” before throwing her to the floor and forcing himself on her.

Rhona bravely went to the police to report the rape and stopped the interview halfway through after becoming distressed, but the character learned that she can continue the report whenever she wants to. 

After kicking Pierce out of her house, the character decides to go on her honeymoon. 

However, when she arrives back in the village after her holiday, she is faced with lots of questions. 

Rhona decides to reveal to her ex-husband Paddy Kirk that she and Pierce are over for good – blaming it on their kiss. 

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But later on, it’s clear to see that Rhona is still left traumatised by Pierce as she becomes paranoid and walks on fearful eggshells around the house. 

Emmerdale spoiler: Rhona Goskirk returns from her honeymoon – but will she tell those close to her what really happened? [ITV]

Emmerdale spoiler: Vanessa Woodfield is left shocked after Rhona Goskirk trashes her house and wedding gifts [ITV]

Sensing that his ex-wife may need her friends around her, Paddy tells Marlon Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield about the split during a drink at The Woolpack. 

To which Vanessa tentatively goes over to Rhona’s house, to see if she needs a shoulder to cry on.

However, the vet is left shocked when she discovers Rhona has trashed the house and all the wedding gifts. 

Will Rhona tell Vanessa the truth about Pierce? 

Emmerdale spoiler: Will Rhona Goskirk tell Vanessa Woodfield what really happened with Pierce Harris? [ITV]

Or will she find another coping mechanism?

Catch all the action on weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 

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