Emmerdale spoiler: Vanessa Woodfield to FINALLY put a stop to Pierce Harris and Rhona Goskirk’s wedding by unearthing Pierce’s mysterious past?

For months now Emmerdale fans have watched in horror as Pierce Harris has manipulated fiancée Rhona.

The shady lawyer has his partner under his thumb so much that he’s even got away with raping her, making it out that it was her fault. 

However, her best pal Vanessa soon cottoned on to his evil ways and has made it her mission to expose him to Rhona – but it has so far proved very difficult.

Last week the vet finally found out and exposed the fact that Pierce had kept the sex tape he had made of him and Rhona, leaving Paddy Kirk’s ex devastated.

Emmerdale spoiler: Rhona Goskirk meets Pierce Harris’ University pal, but what are they hiding? [ITV]

She plucked up the courage to throw him out but viewers were furious when she took him back just one day later.

Seizing his chance to drive a rift between the two friends, Pierce convinced Rhona to tell Vanessa that she wants her out of her life by selling her share of the vets. 

This week Vanessa and Rhona continue to argue about the work situation, with Pierce’s sinister plan appearing to work.

He steps things up a gear by then suggesting a job for Vanessa in Scotland, but how will she react?

Meanwhile, Pierce has been receiving mysterious phone calls and it becomes evident that he does not want to talk to the caller. 

But who is the unknown person desperate to get hold of him?

Emmerdale spoiler: Pierce Harris has been keeping something from Rhona Goskirk – but what is it? [ITV]

Emmerdale: Pierce Harris has been trying to drive a wedge between Vanessa Woodfield and Rhona Goskirk – but will Vanessa put a stop to his plans? [ITV]

Back at the vets, the girls put their differences aside and they make headway when Rhona asks Vanessa to be involved in the wedding.

But Rhona is later left puzzled when Pierce continues to behave suspiciously.

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She is soon stunned when she sees Pierce with an old university pal and discovers that Pierce is planning a move to the Lakes.

Meanwhile, Vanessa spies the friend give Pierce a note, which Pierce quickly throws away.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Vanessa Woodfield is determined to get Rhona Goskirk to see Pierce Harris for who he really is [ITV]

Curious, Vanessa retrieves the note and it left fuming at what it reads. 

When Rhona later enquires whether Pierce’s family will be at the wedding, he informs her that his mother threw the invites in the bin. 

As the girls attend the hen do, Vanessa daringly sends a message to the number on the note and arranged to meet up with the mystery person.

However Rhona is not enjoying her party and after a game of truth or dare leaves her uncomfortable, she rushes out. 

Emmerdale spoiler: Rhona Goskirk is pleased to see Pierce Harris at her hen do [ITV]

Elsewhere, Pierce attends his own stag do, but his raging jealously becomes too much to bear and he heads to the Woolpack to check on the hen party.

Rhona is pleased to see her fiancé, but both she and Pierce are set for a huge shock when Vanessa walks in with the stranger?

Just who is this person that Pierce has been so desperate to avoid?

Emmerdale spoiler: Rhona Goskirk and Pierce Harris are left stunned by the unexpected guest [ITV]

And could they be the one to finally stop the wedding?

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 


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