Emmerdale spoiler pictures: Zak Dingle dead? Lisa Dingle attempts to save her former husband from caravan fire

This week, Kerry decides to get revenge on Cain Dingle after he denies her access to her grandson Kyle. 

Upset over what’s happened, Kerry turns to drink and it’s not long till she’s badmouthing the mechanic to Charity Dingle, who’s keen to take a swipe at Cain after he dumped her.

Charity spikes Kerry’s drink and persuades her to do some damage to Cain’s caravan.

As Kerry sets about with her explosive plan, she’s unaware that a poorly Zak may be sleeping inside.

Emmerdale New Year’s Spoilers: Kerry Wyatt takes drastic action to get back at Cain Dingle, but is Zak Dingle in danger? [ITV]

Emmerdale New Year’s Spoilers: Lisa Dingle discovers the caravan on fire and panics for Zak Dingle’s safety[ITV]

And now, in new teaser photos released by the hit ITV soap, it shows the moment Zak’s ex-wife Lisa Dingle discovers the caravan is on fire. 

Zak and Joanie Wright recently split up and the character has desperately been trying to win back Lisa.

But Lisa has rejected Zak’s advances and told him they’ll never get back together. 

However, after panicking that her former husband could be trapped inside the burning caravan, Lisa attempts to enter the flaming home. 

Fortunately, Cain arrives just in time as Lisa opens the door to a wall of flames. 

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In the snaps, it appears that Cain manages to stop his step-mum from going inside. 

Emmerdale New Year’s Spoilers: Cain Dingle discovers Lisa Dingle just before she’s about to enter the wall of fire [ITV]

Emmerdale New Year’s Spoilers: It appears that Cain Dingle manages to stop Lisa Dingle from entering the flaming caravan [ITV]

One of the photos shows Cain pulling Lisa back as the flames engulf the caravan. 

And another shot shows Cain cradling Lisa on the floor as she sobs hysterically. 

Meanwhile, Kerry is left uneasy after Charity asks whether she double checked to make sure Zak wasn’t inside the caravan before she did her damage…

Is Zak inside the charred object and does he get out alive?

Emmerdale New Year’s Spoilers: Lisa Dingle is pictured sobbing as her step-son Cain Dingle clutches her – is Zak Dingle dead? [ITV]

And does Lisa still has feelings for her former flame?

Catch the action on Tuesday January 3 at 7pm on ITV. 

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