Robbie Williams filmed cleansing hands with anti-bacterial gel in disgust at fans during New Year 2017 celebrations

The Rock DJ singer put on a special performance in London just before midnight to bring in the new year.

As Big Ben chimed and it officially became 2017, Robbie was on hand to help the festivities get into full swing.

But during the broadcasted set, as he returned to the stage, viewers spotted something on air.

Robbie was in the crowd for the countdown and the fireworks, mingling with fans and greeting them.

Robbie Williams shocked viewers during a New Year special by his reaction to fans [BBC]

After giving out high-fives and shaking hands, he returned to the stage for the performance of Auld Lang Syne.

As he headed onto the stage, Robbie appeared to grimace as he then pulled out a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Looking slightly disgusted, Robbie began using the gel in front of the crowd.

The moment was witnessed by the viewers watching at home too, shocked by his actions.

Fans rushed to Twitter to see whether anyone else had noticed the hilarious moment.

One fan said: “Robbie Williams sanitising his hand after touching the public is the most hysterical start to a new year ever. The year of memes commences.”

Robbie Williams was filmed using hand sanitiser after touching fans’ hands [BBC]

Robbie Williams cleansed his hands after joining hands with fans during New Year celebrations [BBC]

Another joked: “Robbie Williams using hand sanitiser after Auld Lang Syne. 2017 off to a flyer.”

A third viewer certainly saw the funny side, tweeting: “Robbie Williams sanitising his hands after holding hands with some of the crowd is my highlight of 2017.”

Another agreed: “Robbie Williams pulling out the hand gel after doing Auld Lang Syne with the public has been my highlight of 2017 so far.”

Meanwhile, others predicted bad things to come with one writing: “Robbie Williams and the anti-bac has already defined 2017.”

Robbie Williams was cheered on in the crowd by his wife Ayda Field [BBC]

One not so impressed viewer wrote: “Being so famous you can’t touch fans hands.”

A viewer even tweeted the star directly, commenting: “@robbiewilliams I thought it was very rude to pull a face of disgust after touching the public, surely you could of been more discreet!”

Another defended the music legend, saying: “Surely that Robbie Williams hand sanitiser stuff was just a big gag from the cheeky chappie? Let’s not get carried away.”

Robbie performed some of his biggest hits for BBC’s Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live.

Robbie Williams shared a sweet moment with his wife Ayda Field [BBC]

His wife Ayda Field was in the crowd cheering him on and singing along to his songs.

Loose Women star Ayda smiled as Robbie sang to her, pointing her out in the audience. 

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