Trauma viewers spot MAJOR flaw in operating theatre as Dr Jon Allerton attempts to save Alex Bowker's life

TRAUMA viewers were hugely confused after top consultant Jon Allerton operated on dying patient Alex Bowker wearing a JUMPER and jeans.

The gritty new ITV drama kicked off on Monday night, yet was met with a mixed response.

And confusion rocketed during the tense opening scenes set in the trauma unit of a London hospital.

Trauma: Fans left furious after medic's blooper

Trauma: Fans were left furious after medic’s clothing blooper [ITV]

Despite the real-life medical surroundings and nurses dressed in their dark blue uniforms and hygienic scrubs, it was a different story for the heigh-achieving doctor.

Dr Jon burst into the Accident and Emergency department at the capital’s medical facility wearing a dark red jumper.

The knit just happened to be the same winter warmer he had sported in an earlier scenes.

Trauma: Fans left furious after medic's blooper

Trauma: Dr Jon sported the berry coloured attire earlier in the night [ITV]

He was enjoying dinner in the berry-coloured attire yet didn’t bother to strip to his scrubs for his professional duties later on.

The stark contrast with his hospital colleagues was clear and eagle-eyed viewers picked up on the steak blooper.

One took to Twitter to write: “What still baffles me how some of the staff in the hospital are wearing their own clothes instead of scrubs #Trauma.”

Trauma: Fans left furious after medic's blooper

Trauma: He was celebrating a birthday in his winter warmer which then doubled as his workwear [ITV]

Another put: “They certainly wouldn’t let their lead trauma surgeon operate IN HIS STREET CLOTHES. Can you say lawsuit? #Trauma,” as a third raged: “I can’t figure which was more unrealistic: a father walking into a surgery or a surgeon operating in street clothes? #Trauma.”


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One then ranted: “The dad doesn’t bother to find out who has killed his son, surgeon walks in from a party to do a surgery in his party clothes and then dad walks in on the surgery. “Nah, not for me Jeff! #Trauma.”

One then rounded off by spotting another apparent show fault, and put: “This is a ‘trauma centre’ but it’s empty, not 1 patient. 

Trauma: Fans left furious after medic's blooper

Trauma: Dr Jon tried to reassure Daniel his teenage son was ok [ITV]

“Man wanders into theatre whilst surgeon hand pumps a heart, & not 1 member of staff bats an eyelid or thinks infection control & the surgeon took off his operating gown & was wearing normal clothes – really?.”

They continued to air their views with the hashtags: “#Unreal #Trauma.”

Monday’s explosive first episode set the tone of what’s to come in the three-part series.

Trauma fans left with burning QUESTION as grieving dad Daniel squares up to surgeon Jon

Trauma: Daniel Bowker and Jon Allerton came to blows at Alex’s funeral [ITV]

The story centres around grieving father Daniel Bowker who blames high-achieving trauma consultant, Dr Jon, for the death of his teenage son, Alex.

The devastated dad strives for justice, he begins to delve into the very fabric of Jon’s life.

The drama questions whether Dan is justified in his quest to lay the blame for Alex’s death at Jon’s door, or if his actions are borne of overpowering grief.

It also explores the idea that the institutions we put our trust in can also let us down.  

Viewers were left glued to their screens as they witnessed Daniel ATTACK Jon at his offspring’s funeral during the opening show.

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