Emmerdale: Pierce Harris leaves viewers shocked as he SWEARS at Vanessa Woodfield pre-watershed

Pierce has been leaving both Emmerdale fans and Vanessa uncomfortable lately as continues to manipulate wife-to-be Rhona Goskirk.

And in a bid to warn Vanessa off his “creepy” plans, Pierce decided to set up the village vet.

The controlling character offered his laptop to Vanessa to borrow, but lined up the sex tape he recorded with Rhona the previous night to play as soon as she opened the screen.

However, things took an even more dramatic twist when Rhona walked into the veterinary services just as the graphic video started playing.

Emmerdale: Pierce Harris set up Vanessa Woodfield by leaving the sex tape for her to watch [ITV]

Emmerdale: The sex tape started playing as Rhona Goskirk walked in and she confronted Vanessa Woodfield[ITV]

To which a hurt Rhona confronted her “best friend” and told her to “get out”. 

But feisty Vanessa wasn’t going to let Pierce get away with the scheming plan and the two came head-to-head later on. 

Pierce chillingly warned during the confrontation: “You’ve caused all this and you’ve made a big mistake because I’m your worst nightmare.

“If you think that was bad, sit tight because I’ll really mess you up.”

To which Vanessa replied: “You’re sick, no wonder Tess ran off with Paddy and I bet Rhona will too. Game over.”

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However, soap watchers were left shocked at Piece’s next response to the vet as he said: “You know you’re a poisonous b***h.”

Emmerdale: Vanessa Woodfield vowwed to bring down Pierce Harris later on for the scheming plan [ITV]

Emmerdale: Pierce Harris left viewers shocked as he called her a “b***h”[ITV]

Viewers were quick to respond to the swear word on Twitter and asked whether it was allowed pre-watershed. 

One person put: “Can you say b***h on telly at twenty last 7?!!!!!! #Emmerdale”. 

While a second user added: “A poisonous b***h did I hear that right #Emmerdale.”

However, this wasn’t the only threat Pierce made and he appeared to threaten Vanessa’s son by picking up a picture of him and saying: “You have no idea what i’m capable of.”

Emmerdale: Pierce Harris then threatened Vanessa Woodfield’s son[ITV]

What will Pierce do next?

Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 

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